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CG launches 996 dampers for 4WD cars

With the aftermarket offerings of damper never quite hitting the mark for clients who are using their OEM M030 suspension on their 996, it was decided upon to make it our mission to reinvigorate the market with a solution which is modern and durable and suited specifically for British road use. There has been a gap in the market for the last 20 years with all previous manufacturers only achieving a sport orientated set up involving lowered ride heights and stiffer springs. This is something that we have increasingly found is the polar opposite desire of modern Porsche owners. This suspension kit is the resulting product that has never been targeted upon before in the Porsche industry. 

We are very lucky that our long standing relationship with Bilstein has meant we have worked closely with the technical team to produce a compliant ride quality whilst also giving support and most importantly comfort on our multi disciplinary roads. We have also created a set up which enables clients to maintain a lowered ride height without compromising ride quality.

What we have managed to achieve with this kit is a truly fine tuned and tailored set up for our Porsche clients. Achieving a more supportive and comfortable ride quality perfected for British roads – for driving country lanes on a Sunday morning through to touring the Alps and even the circuit if desired. This kit has been put through it’s paces with our own C4S development car, lived with daily, and driven across Europe where it’s final destination was the inimitable Nuburgring, where it drove with confidence, compliance and most importantly, still felt like the 911 that it is. 

We’re really proud at CG to be able to release this new kit into the Porsche market. Finally a solution for fellow Porsche owners wanting to use their 911 for what it was primarily intended, to drive and enjoy, without compromise. 

  • Suitable for narrowbody C4, C4S and Turbo models
  • Rebuildable Bilstein monotube damper with specified Eibach springs and Bilstein front droplinks to suit OEM front and rear top mounts
  • Specially valved fixed damping for British road use and touring
  • Ride height adjustability to suit M029, M030 and X73 ride heights
  • Priced at £1,700.00 + VAT 
  • Kits available from late January 2023
Register your interest now with the office for further details of demonstration and availability. 
30 November 2022

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