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suspension and geometry tuning


We are often called upon to advise vehicle manufacturers, research and development companies, and industry experts on the following topics:

  • Vehicle road behaviour evaluation and reporting (road driving, stability, balance, and control)

  • Damper efficiency – through our in ground tester we can quantify damper efficiency on the car

  • Vibration analysis – whether that be at the wheel or tyre or component level

  • Diagnosis and reporting of tyre wear, balance of grip, instability, noise vibration and harshness

  • Measuring and optimisation of grip, diagnosis, reporting and adjustment for clubman, track, and race vehicles

  • Formulation of wheel geometries to suit car application and customer requirements

  • Engineering analysis and reporting (to component level)

  • Pre-purchase inspections and reporting of vehicle provenance, chassis, underbody, and suspension systems

  • Vehicle ride frequency and spring rate analysis and specification against customer requirements


club support

We have supported members of Porsche Club GB, TIPEC, 911UK Forum and Honda S2ki over the years, whilst also taking on clients of other clubs and race series in order to perfect their suspension geometry set-ups.

We give information freely and retain car set-ups in our extensive database, in order to provide clients, both old and new, with useful advice about their suspension tuning options.

We also welcome clubs to our premises here in Atherstone to do our renowned ‘tech talks’ – opening the doors to enthusiasts to see how we work and what we can achieve with car handling.

“I’ve now got my 996 to where I want it to be: a fast cross country machine that will soak up the worst that our challenging roads can throw at it, roads that are unique to the UK and so require a specific set-up that cannot be catered for off the shelf.”

Printed quote from Steve Bennett, as featured in 911 & Porsche World Magazine, after using our services.