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suspension and geometry tuning
terms of business

  • All customers enter the working environment of the workshop at their own risk
  • All customers must have been briefed on health and safety by center gravity employees before entering the workshop
  • No customer who enters the workshop can use any tool owned by center gravity without permission
  • All customers must sign in/out of the visitor book when arriving/leaving with relevant registration number and contact number
  • All cars parked on the center gravity limited site (inside and outside parking area) are left at the owner’s risk – center gravity limited can accept no responsibility to damage of customer’s cars if they are parked on the main road
  • All cars that are left in the possession of center gravity are stored inside the workshop overnight with no exception
  • Cars that enter the workshop must be, to all intents and purposes, MOT’d, taxed and insured unless made known to center gravity
  • Cars that enter the workshop must be declared to be fit for purpose and roadworthy – center gravity limited will mark all points of contact made within works undertaken on all cars that enter the workshop
  • All cars that are booked in for scheduled work are covered under the insurance policy held by center gravity limited (this policy is shown in the customer office and can be presented if requested)
  • All cars are test driven unless the client states the car presented is not road worthy, taxed or uninsured OR if center gravity limited declare the car presented is not fit to be driven
  • Center Gravity are permitted to refuse to undertake work on any vehicle that enters the workshop should they wish
  • Cars driven by employees of center gravity limited are driven within the limits of the law at all times and are recorded via dash cam – these recordings can be presented to the relevant parties if requested
  • Cars driven by employees of center gravity are insured under center gravity’s insurance policy – all employees are over the age of 25 and hold a clean driving license
  • In the event of a fire please vacate the building at the nearest exit and leave all personal belongings behind on the public road on Brindley Close