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suspension and geometry tuning
  • car suspension tuning specialists

    At center gravity we are renowned for our car geometry and chassis tuning work on Porsche , as well as a wide range of other sports and prestige cars.

    Our ultimate aim is to achieve your car’s perfect point of balance.

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suspension tuning specialists

our vision

Our vision is simple – to put the joy back into driving. We want our customers to feel in harmony with their car, in all environments, and we pursue every engineering means possible to achieve this.

After your car has been in our workshop, its suspension will be perfectly adapted to meet your specific needs. Our expertise in chassis tuning – including 4-wheel alignment, car geometry, ride height adjustment and corner weighting – will ensure your car handles exactly the way you want it to.

Whether you’re looking for Porsche suspension tuning, BMW suspension tuning, or suspension tuning for any other type of prestige or sports car, contact us and see how we can deliver your perfect drive.

man at work on car
man at work on car whee
suspension tuning specialists
our suspension tuning services

car geometry

Our car geometry assessment includes 4-wheel alignment, analysing the steering axis and front wheel tilt. We’ll ensure all wheels are symmetrical and optimised to your specific driving requirement.

suspension geometry

Shave off valuable seconds by letting us review and refine your race car’s suspension settings. Chassis tuning done correctly, is what we call ‘an unfair advantage.’

track day

We offer a range of services to help you get the most from your track days including tyre pressure monitoring, 2D data logging equipment, and trailer transport services.

chassis tuning

Let us optimise your car’s handling. We’ll review and modify the corner weight balancing, anti-roll bar settings, damper bump and rebound settings as well as ride heights and geometry.


Vehicle manufacturers, industry experts and R&D companies regularly seek our advice on optimising suspension set-up, modifications, and vehicle dynamics.

our inventory

We carry a wide range of parts in stock from dampers and steering racks to springs and rod ends. We can also commission re-manufactured parts to their original specification, and design and commission bespoke suspension upgrades.

What our customers say

car ramp car ramp

meeting your needs

Whether you’re looking for increased comfort or steering precision, more front-end bite or less outright grip at the rear, more confidence at high speed or cross country, better settings for track and sport work or a more eventful drive, we have the knowledge, experience, and skills to deliver exactly what you need.

If you’re looking for suspension specialists ‘near me’ 80% of our customers actually travel more than 100 miles for our services. Our clients come to us from all over the UK and Europe to improve their car’s handling. We rectify a wide range of issues from poor handling, uneven tyre wear, and strange noises to vibrations, insufficient grip, pulling and over or under steering.

how we work

‘Our aim is to make your car handle’ – whether you struggle with poor handling, tyre wear issues, strange noises, vibrations, insufficient grip, pulling, under or over steering. We drive and inspect every aspect of your car’s suspension, report on our findings, prioritise and help plan rectification, addressing any issues immediately if required.

We restore perfect functionality, allowing a bespoke alignment, geometry or setup that meets your specification. For those customers who aren’t sure what they want, we’ll help to define their requirements, helping with compromises, benefits and the returns.
Our end goal is to provide you with a tailored set-up, completely bespoke to your car and your needs as a driver.

“The temple of suspension set-up known as center gravity.”
911 & Porsche World Magazine
Center Gravity at work Center Gravity at work

our customers

Whilst we are renowned for working primarily on Porsche suspension tuning, we do work on all types of cars, from road to race cars. We’re based in the heart of the country in Warwickshire, so are easily placed for our customers who visit us from all over the UK.

We work on brand new, used, and classic cars and always aim to deliver the performance that our customer wants, and not what we think they should have. Driving a car is a completely personal and unique experience and we work closely with our customers to ensure we deliver the drive they are hoping for.

From enthusiasts to amateur racers to professional drivers, our customers all have one thing in common – they will only entrust their cars to the best suppliers in the industry. Most of our clients find us through word of mouth, specialist car forums, and recommendations from our previous customers who are delighted to recommend our technical know-how and customer service.

suspension tuning specialists

our approach to car suspension geometry

We recognise that every car and every owner is completely unique and so each receives a completely personalised level of service, whether we’re undertaking a Ferrari wheel alignment, reviewing a BMW suspension tuning, or improving a Porsche 911’s ride comfort.

We take the time to understand our customers’ issues with their cars, as well as their expectations and requirements, and to advise them of their options. Our aim is to delight our customers with an end result that puts a smile on their face every time they drive their car.

We are engineers s that are aware of the myriad of variables that affect handling. We engineer grip in the right proportions across both axles to give balance. We are in control of all the variables that control the geometry of the wheels on your car. So much so, we have developed an effective method with checks and cross checks that allows us to repeat the results of a geometry measurement and subsequent changing of the geometry. This ‘experiment’ achieves the desired results, and this is ultimately proven by a clean handling car with the correct balance of grip to the front and rear axle.

porsche 911 info
center gravity
center gravity

All of our customers are passionate about their cars and many of them want to learn more about optimising their car’s performance.

We encourage our customers to be involved as much as they want to be – this is where enthusiasts come together. While the car is in our workshop – whether it’s for a race car steering geometry check or a Porsche wheel alignment – customers are welcome to watch, ask questions and learn about the available options, the effects of adjustments, and the differences that our changes will make.

Keeping customers close throughout the process pays dividends as through conversation the best outcome is achieved.

We take a data-driven approach to our suspension tuning services – we collect a lot of data and analyse what it means, then make changes to our process and what we deliver. This has been done for 17 years, and for about 12,000 cars! We manage all of the known variables which ensures what we produce is accurate and repeatable, ensuring your car’s optimum driving potential.

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If you would like to make a booking, or have any questions about our suspension tuning services, please do get in touch.