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suspension and geometry tuning

how we work


You can be as involved in what we do as you want! Some clients like to stick around for the whole day and learn about the cause and effect of suspension set-up, others prefer just to stay for the initial evaluation drive and inspection.

So if you want to stay, watch what we do and how we do it, chat through the process, ask any questions then please do! We also have a customer office which you’re welcome to use whilst you are with us, enabling you to work and be present for the session at the same time. But if your time is limited, we can offer you a courtesy car at £25 / day so you can head off, or we can give you a lift to and from the local train station which is London mainline.

our workshop facilities

To offer the best suspension tuning service you have to have the best equipment. And so we have invested heavily in obtaining the very best globally available equipment and software to ensure we can offer the highest levels of efficiency and precision, including:

  • Hunter Hawkeye Elite TD 4-wheel alignment kit

  • Intercomp Corner-weighting equipment

  • Beissbarth in floor, in-built damper tester

  • 2D data-logging equipment

  • Vibration analysis equipment: Vibration Diagnosis NVH (car specific tool) and Vibsensor

frequently asked questions
  • Why do you use ‘center gravity’ rather than ‘centre gravity?’

    Good question! In the early days of CG, Holly was doing her graphic design GCSE and helped out designing our logo. One late night, she spelt center the American way by mistake, and actually it looked more balanced. So, on the basis we are all about the point of perfect balance, it made sense to keep it and stand out from the crowd!

  • Will the work you do void my warranty?

    No, ordinarily your warranty will not be affected by any of the geometry work we carry out.

  • How do I book my car in?

    If you know what you need it’s best to email us to advise us of your requirements – we will then contact you with any questions, or to discuss your options or provide you with an estimate. If you’re not sure what you need then call us – our office team may be able to help, or if your requirement is more complex, we can arrange a telephone consultation with one of our technicians.

  • I don’t know what my car needs, can I speak to someone?

    Of course – we are happy to discuss your options and advise you on what you may need. First port of call is Holly in the office, and for more specialised concerns please be patient for Chris and Pete to deal with your enquiry.

  • My car is making some odd noises and has some concerning handling traits – do you offer a checkover session?

    Yes we do! Our clients have helped us carve out a diagnosis session which allows us (and you!) to get to grips with the overall condition of your car’s suspension – and what exactly is causing any issues or needs attending to. This is a 2 hour session and includes an evaluation drive, damper test to check efficiency, geometry and ride height check and also inspection of all suspension components including bushes and balljoints. We then produce a report for you with our findings and advise on next best steps – you can then either DIY or come back another time for remedial works with no pressure from us! Some clients use this session when they buy a new car, when they feel the car needs some restoration, or for understanding what may be required to suit their use better or changing the mode of use.

  • Will you advise me of my car’s settings?

    Yes, we’ll provide a before and after settings report, so you know what’s changed and can keep the information to restore them if required. We also de-brief all customers so they understand why the changes have been made. We store all settings for every car we work on so can provide them in the future in case you misplace them.

  • Can you arrange for new tyres?

    Yes – we are pleased to have built up a relationship with our trusty tyre fitters at Mid-Fit, located within 30 seconds of our workshop. The Mid-Fit team are as exacting as we are at looking after wheels and making sure they are balanced correctly. Whilst we don’t offer tyre services in house, we’re more than happy to arrange for your tyres to be changed whilst your car is with us.

  • What is kinematic toe?

    This is a term related to the Porsche 993 rear suspension. It refers to the castor of the rear wheel which affects the rear steer or the stiffness of the rear steer response from the rear axle. A lot of independents overlook kinematic toe adjustment when setting up 993 geometry – we are one of the few workshops in the UK with the correct tool and we ensure the kinematic toe is adjusted correctly on every 993 we see.

  • What’s the difference between camber, castor, and toe?

    Toe is the most important as this affects the straight-line stability, the feel and turn of the car, and mostly affects driver confidence. Static camber is required to present a tyre flat to the ground in cornering, while castor gives stability to the front wheels at high speeds and weight to the steering and self-centring.

  • How often do I need a car geometry alignment?

    This will depend on miles, usage, and load, but we recommend the car geometry should only be re-aligned if you lose confidence in your car’s handling, hit a pothole sufficient to break a wheel or tyre, notice significant tyre wear or suspension components failing, or change the mode of use of the car – e.g. from road car to track car.

  • How long do dampers last?

    This depends on miles, usage, and load. Some manufacturers say every 50k miles, for Porsche 996 and 997 it’s 100k miles, while for dedicated track cars it can be every couple of years.

  • How do I know if my dampers are still working?

    We are one of the only workshops in the UK with an in ground damper tester. We invested in this technology so we can definitively measure how dampers are working and if they are working efficiently. This allows us to categorically tell clients if dampers require changing out or if there is an issue where the damper may need revalving or servicing. It takes out the guesswork which can prove to be expensive – as most often dampers may be old and crusty – but still working perfectly efficiently!

  • What do I need to do before my appointment?

    Please check your tyres – they need to have no more than 3mm difference in tread depth across an axle. The car should have an MOT, if applicable, and should come to us with a full tank of fuel.

  • My other car isn’t a sports car – can you help with that too?

    We are pleased to offer our services to all cars, whether it be a sports car or not. Please check with us as to what services are available.

  • How long do you need my car for?

    This varies between models and makes. A typical car geometry takes around 4 hours, a Porsche 993 geometry takes 5-6 hours (allowing for kinematic toe adjustment and making sure all adjustors are free), while a full track set-up including ride-height adjustment, corner-weighting, and geometry takes around 8 – 10 hours.

  • Why do I need corner weighting?

    This is specified by Porsche for all cars 993 and earlier and also GT cars or cars with ride height adjustable suspension as standard. Also, cars having new coilover suspension fitted, irrespective of the above, should be corner weighted to ensure equal turn performance.

  • What is your labour charge?

    Unlike many independent specialists, we pride ourselves on being completely transparent in terms of costs and our labour rate is £120.00 (+ VAT) per hour.

  • Will changing the tyres after the geo change the car geometry settings?

    No, the handling may change due to the tyres having to bed in, but the settings will not change.

  • What’s your lead-time?

    Our suspension tuning services are highly in demand, so we typically operate an 8-week lead-time.