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suspension and geometry tuning
Podcast with CAT driver training – All Things Suspension

Chris and Pete have been recommending the work that that Colin and his team at CAT Driver Training provide at UTAC Millbrook for many years now. We here have all had one to one driver training with Colin over the years to hone our skills – it is the best investment you can make to your driving. Click on the link to hear the hour long interview…

I have the opportunity to experience, often numerous times weekly, the positive effects a visit to Center Gravity brings to the performance car owner, on the circuits at UTAC, previously known as Millbrook Proving Ground,

Chris and team are exceptional engineers.  They have the capability to optimise a vehicle dynamically to the performance parameters, needs and demands of the individual. A unique skill.

Collectively they understand the science and engineering of vehicle suspension and set up, at a level seldom found.  A visit to Center Gravity brings the world of optimised tyre grip and driving enjoyment to all of us.

With an obsessive passion to engineer excellence into everything they put a spanner too, they are true masters of their craft.”

Colin, CAT Driver Training

26 February 2021

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