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suspension and geometry tuning
January 2022 Annual Porsche Health Clinic

As we couldn’t run our usual Saturday health clinics for Porsche clients last year due to COVID-19, we are very much looking forward to getting back into the swing of the annual clinic sessions that we run on January Saturdays in ‘22.

For Porsche clients these prove to be a really useful way of keeping tabs on maintaining their Porsche as well as getting to know their new acquisitions or exploring what modifications may be open to them to suit their mode of use.

  • Session is based on our usual health check session – takes around 1.5 hours and includes the same process as the normal health check (see services.)
  • Running slots differently this year and will be taking place on thurs/fri/sat in January 2022 due to demand.
  • Unfortunately due to COVID we are still not doing accompanied test drives – by offering more slots also hoping to reduce amount of bodies on site at any one time.
  • Cost is £120.00 inc. VAT and this is knocked off final invoice if returning back for remedial works or geometry/chassis tune by March 31st 2022.

Get in touch with the office via email on for more details – bookings go quickly so don’t hang around! 

01 March 2021

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