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suspension and geometry tuning
  • center gravity’s cheeky trick

    A cheeky trick to ensure your geometry set-up is optimised for your driving… especially valuable when out on track.

You will need:
  • Tyre chalk/general chalk/paint pen
  • 4 wheels on a vehicle of your choice
    (with tyres!!!)
    Handy to have:
  • Tyre pressure gauge

Label your tyres:

FR (front right)
FL (front left)
RR (rear right)
RL (rear left)

as pictured –

On the outside shoulder of each tyre – adjacent to the valve – approx 25mm outwards colour in a rectangle with the chalk pen – onto the tread and the sidewall of the tyre. Also mark the tyre with its location for reference.

go out and drive!!!

After a few laps you may find the yellow marks have changed. What do they mean?

For example: The RL tyre has most of the chalk rubbed out. Indicating either – too low a tyre pressure or not enough negative camber. In this situation the balance in turn of the car will be oversteer.

For example: The FL tyre has the least chalk rubbed out. Indicating either – too high a tyre pressure. or not enough neagtive camber. In this situation the balance in turn of the car will be understeer.

All of the markings here show a relative lack of negative camber for all wheels. The optimum camber will show a significant amount of chalk on the sidewall. See below.

The above tyre (RL) shows the chalk mark on the tread and the sidewall is still intact. This indicates there is too much negative camber for the driving style.

Wearing too much negative camber may reduce the contact patch size and may reduce grip. With this situation, potentially you will suffer from understeer. (or worse, flick oversteer due to not enough contact patch)

so… what next?

did you find this exercise useful?

it would be great to let us know!

If you’d like to have center gravity trackside to help understand your set up and how tyre pressures through to roll bar adjustment and everything in between can affect your car’s handling we do offer this under our consultancy service. Contact the office on for more details.

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